Eating in St Kitts and Nevis is more often than not a farm-to-table and sea-to-table experience, and a palate-rewarding endeavor at all budget levels. Even at roadside stands and humble snackettes you can often fill up for little. On Nevis, some of the best food is served at the restaurants of the plantation inns.

Essential Food & Drink

  • Stewed salt fish Official national dish; served with spicy plantains, coconut dumplings and seasoned breadfruit.
  • Pelau Also known as ‘cook-up,’ this dish is the Kittitian version of paella: a tasty but messy blend of rice, meat, saltfish, vegetables and pigeon peas.
  • Conch Served curried, marinated or soused (boiled).
  • Cane Spirit Rothschild More commonly known as CSR, this locally distilled libation is made from pure fermented cane juice and best enjoyed on the rocks mixed with grapefruit-flavored Ting soda.
  • Brinley Gold Rum Locally blended rum comes in such flavors as vanilla, coffee, mango, coconut and lime. The shop in Port Zante does tastings.
  • Carib Locally brewed lager.