Top Choice Fort in Northern St Kitts

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

Even if you're not a fan of military anything, this massive hilltop compound with its citadels, bastions, barracks and ramparts will likely leave a lasting impression. The British began construction of what was then…
Top Choice Gardens in South Nevis

Botanical Gardens of Nevis

It's easy to spend a couple of hours wandering around this enchanting symphony of orchids, palms, water-lily ponds, bamboo groves and other global flora interspersed with sculpture, pools, ponds and fountains. In th…
Top Choice Beach in Northern Nevis

Herbert's Beach

A quarter-mile dirt track spills out into this practically deserted Atlantic-side beach with white sand buttressed by clumps of sea grapes. Several reefs close to shore make it a popular spot with snorkelers provide…
Top Choice Beach in Northern Nevis

Pinney’s Beach

This 3-mile-long stretch of tan sand along the west coast has decent snorkeling right offshore. The northern end is punctuated by the Four Seasons Resort and several beach bars, but quiet patches abound. Sundays are…
Top Choice Beach in Southeast Peninsula

South Friar’s Bay

There are excellent tanning and snorkeling possibilities along this lovely beach backed by palm trees and sea grapes, and bookended by two restaurants: the snazzy Carambola Beach Club and the funky Shipwreck Bar &am…
Top Choice Beach in Southeast Peninsula

Cockleshell Beach

Enjoy great views of Nevis across the Narrows on this pretty but often busy crescent of white powdery sand with calm and shallow waters and several bars, restaurants and water-sports concessionaires.
Historic Site in Nevis

Nevis Heritage Trail

As you drive the island ring road, look for the blue road markers pointing out locations on the Nevis Heritage Trail, including churches, sugar estates, military installations and natural sites. For orientation, pic…
Historic Building in Northern St Kitts

Romney Manor

A favorite pit stop on island tours, the former residence of the owners of the Wingfield Estate sugar plantation has since 1964 been the home of the Caribelle Batik workshop and store. Horticulturists will feel in f…
Historic Site in Northern St Kitts

Wingfield Estate St Kitts

Wingfield is one of the island's oldest sugar estates, founded in 1625 and in operation until all cane processing was centralized in Basseterre in the 1920s. As you wander among the salt-and-pepper stones of the par…
Museum in Charlestown

Museum of Nevis History

American statesman Alexander Hamilton (1757–1804) was many things in his short life: soldier, lawyer, author of the Federalist Papers, US founding father, the country’s first Secretary of the Treasury and, finally, …