Top things to do in St-Joseph to St-Philippe

Top Choice Creole in Le Baril

Auberge Paysanne Le Palmier

Plenty of smiles from the owners, recipes plucked straight out of grandma's cookbook, a serene setting in the Hauts and partial sea views from the terrace – if you're after an authentic Creole experience, this place…
Waterfall in Rivière Langevin

Cascade de la Grande Ravine

A narrow road follows the wide stony bed of the Rivière Langevin and leads to Cascade de la Grande Ravine, a majestic waterfall that drops into a broad pool. Admire it from a lookout by the road, about 9km from the …
Creole in Le Baril

Warren Hastings

The food looks as good as it tastes at this surprisingly upbeat cafe-bistro on the main road. It serves winningly fresh dishes prepared with local ingredients, including palmiste (palm hearts), and also doubles as a…
Natural Feature in Basse-Vallée & Cap Méchant

Cap Méchant

Cap Méchant is one of the eeriest landscapes in the south, with huge lava fields, windswept black cliffs, rows of vacoa trees and the mandatory picnic shelters. From the headland you can follow an excellent coastal …
Creole in Rivière Langevin

Chez Malet

One of a number of popular eateries along the river, this ramshackle venture has a good terrace for a sandwich, a takeaway curry (from €6) or a beer. It's famed for its thé dansant (a party that's popular with senio…
Chinese in Basse-Vallée & Cap Méchant

Le Pinpin

There's sure to be a dish on the extensive menu that suits your palate. Very popular with weekending families. It's known for its palmiste (palm hearts) specialities. On Sunday, the lunch buffet (€17) is wildly popu…
Natural Feature in Le Baril

Puits des Anglais

The main attraction in Le Baril is the Puits des Anglais, a splendid saltwater pool that has been constructed in the basaltic rock. It's mobbed at weekends but you'll have the whole place to yourself during the week…
Creole in Le Baril

Le Ti Vacoa

This unfussy little kiosk could hardly be better situated: it overlooks the saltwater pool at Puits des Anglais. The menu concentrates on composed salads and a wide selection of appetising sandwiches (from €3).
Chinese in Basse-Vallée & Cap Méchant

Le Cap Méchant

Le Cap Méchant is mobbed at weekends but almost deserted on weekdays. It serves great carris, chop sueys and fish dishes.
Chinese in Basse-Vallée & Cap Méchant

L'Étoile des Mers

The food is a crowd-pleasing mix of Chinese dishes, Creole staples and métro classics.