St-Denis in detail

Flights & getting there


Unless noted otherwise, the following airlines have offices in St-Denis. All airlines also have an office at the airport, which is usually open every day.

Air Austral

Air France

Air Madagascar

Air Mauritius


French Bee Doesn't have an office in St-Denis but is represented at the airport.

XL Airways Doesn't have an office in St-Denis but is represented at the airport.


St-Denis Pôle d'Échanges Océan, the main long-distance bus station, is on the seafront. From here Car Jaune operates various services. Information for Car Jaune, including all its routes and horaires (timetables) around the island and the airport bus service, is available from the information counter at the bus terminal. Some of the more useful routes include the following:

Line O2 West to St-Pierre via Le Port, St-Paul, St-Gilles-les-Bains, St-Leu, Étang-Salé-les-Bains and St-Louis (two hours, about 10 daily, fewer on Sunday).

Lines E1 or E2 East to St-Benoît via Ste-Suzanne, St-André and Bras-Panon (€2, one hour, about 16 daily, fewer on Sunday).

ZO (express) West to St-Pierre, direct (€5, one hour, about 12 daily except Sunday).

ZE (express) East to St-Benoît via the airport (€5, one hour, about three daily except Sunday).

Car & Motorcycle

There's not much point in having a car in St-Denis unless you're using the city as a base to explore the rest of the island. If that's the case, you can either pick a car up at the airport or avoid paying the airport surcharge (around €29) by having it delivered to your hotel. There are numerous independent and international agencies.


St-Denis' ferry terminal is at Le Port, located 20km west of St-Denis, but there are no regular passenger services.