Historic Building in St-Denis

Conseil Général de la Réunion – Direction de la Culture

You can't miss this villa – it's one of the most elegant of St-Denis' Creole buildings, with a superb varangue (veranda), finely crafted lambrequins (filigree-style decoration), and a manicured garden with a fountai…
Museum in St-Denis

Musée Léon Dierx

Housed in the former bishop's palace, built in 1845, this museum hosts Réunion's most important collection of modern art. The more high-profile works may include paintings, sculptures and ceramics by Rousseau, Gaugu…
Museum in St-Denis

Maison Carrère

This meticulously restored mansion dating from the 1820s is a beautiful example of Creole architecture, with its elaborate veranda and intricate lambrequins (filigree-style decoration) on the front of the eaves. The…
Mosque in St-Denis

Mosquée Noor E Islam

One of St-Denis' most iconic buildings, the Grande Mosquée dominates the centre with its tall minaret. Its cool white-and-green interior is a haven of peace. The Islamic community in St-Denis is very traditional, so…
Gardens in St-Denis

Jardin de l'État

Created in 1763, the attractive Jardin de l'État, at the southern end of Rue de Paris, is a good place to recharge the batteries and be introduced to a variety of tropical plants and trees. The Musée d'Histoire Natu…
Museum in St-Denis

Musée d'Histoire Naturelle

Go eye to eye with lemurs and other stuffed specimens in this museum located in the Jardin de l'État. Besides impressive lemurs, you'll see a good insect and bird collection on the 1st floor.
Gallery in St-Denis


This contemporary art gallery hosts changing exhibitions of works by local artists and those from neighbouring countries. It's housed in a handsome pale-yellow villa.
Church in St-Denis

Notre-Dame de la Délivrance

Notre-Dame de la Délivrance (1893), which sits on the hillside across the usually dry Rivière St-Denis, is noteworthy for the statue of St Expédit just inside the door, dressed as a young Roman soldier.
Buddhist Site in St-Denis

Pagode Guan Di

Blink and you'll miss this discreet pagoda, which is used by the Chinese community.
Waterfront in St-Denis

Le Barachois

This seafront park, lined by cannons facing out to sea, is a good place to catch the sea breeze in St-Denis. It has an area set aside for pétanque (a game similar to bowls), cafes and a monument to the Réunion-born …