St-Denis attractions

Top Choice Historic Building in St-Denis

Conseil Général de la Réunion – Direction de la Culture

You can't miss this villa – it's one of the most elegant of St-Denis' Creole buildings, with a superb varangue (veranda), finely crafted lambrequins (filigree-style decoration), and a manicured garden with a fountai…
Museum in St-Denis

Musée Léon Dierx

Housed in the former bishop's palace, built in 1845, this museum hosts Réunion's most important collection of modern art. The more high-profile works may include paintings, sculptures and ceramics by Rousseau, Gaugu…
Mosque in St-Denis

Mosquée Noor E Islam

One of St-Denis' most iconic buildings, the Grande Mosquée dominates the centre with its tall minaret. Its cool white-and-green interior is a haven of peace. The Islamic community in St-Denis is very traditional, so…
Museum in St-Denis

Maison Carrère

This meticulously restored mansion dating from the 1820s is a beautiful example of Creole architecture, with its elaborate veranda and intricate lambrequins (filigree-style decoration) on the front of the eaves. The…
Waterfront in St-Denis

Le Barachois

This seafront park, lined by cannons facing out to sea, is a good place to catch the sea breeze in St-Denis. It has an area set aside for pétanque (a game similar to bowls), cafes and a monument to the Réunion-born …
Gardens in St-Denis

Jardin de l'État

Created in 1763, the attractive Jardin de l'État, at the southern end of Rue de Paris, is a good place to recharge the batteries and be introduced to a variety of tropical plants and trees. The Musée d'Histoire Natu…
Church in St-Denis

Cathédrale de St-Denis

Ambling down Ave de la Victoire, you'll come across the Tuscan-style Cathédrale de St-Denis, which was constructed between 1829 and 1832. As a cathedral this is a disappointment, since it looks more like a small New…
Historic Building in St-Denis

Maison Deramond-Barre

This colonial structure dating from the 1830s was the family home of former French prime minister Raymond Barre and the birthplace of the poet and painter Léon Dierx. It's well worth a peek for its well-preserved ar…
Historic Building in St-Denis

Former Hôtel de Ville

Many consider the neoclassical Former Hôtel de Ville, at the north end of Rue de Paris, to be the city's most beautiful building; it's certainly very imposing, with its regimented columns, balustrades, bright-yellow…
Museum in St-Denis

Musée d'Histoire Naturelle

Go eye to eye with lemurs and other stuffed specimens in this museum located in the Jardin de l'État. Besides impressive lemurs, you'll see a good insect and bird collection on the 1st floor.