Euro (€)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €100

  • Bed in a gîte (lodge): €18
  • Double room in a B&B: €45–75
  • Takeaway meal: €5–8
  • Dinner in midrange restaurant: €25
  • Museum entry fees: €5–10
  • Bus ticket: €2–10

Midrange: €100–200

  • Double room in a midrange hotel, including breakfast: €80–150
  • Lunch in midrange restaurants: €25
  • Car hire per day: from €30
  • Canyoning trip: from €55

Top End: More than €200

  • Double room in a luxury hotel, including breakfast: €150–400
  • Lunch in top-end restaurant: from €40
  • Helicopter tour: from €100


Bargaining is not a part of life in Réunion; the price quoted is the price you are expected to pay. However, haggling over the price of goods (but not food) is OK in markets.


Bring your credit card or stock up with euros beforehand! There's no money-changing service in St-Denis – it has been superseded in favour of ATMs. You'll find a cluster of banks with ATMs near the junction of Rue Jean Chatel and Rue Labourdonnais; all the main banks and the central post office have ATMs. The only bureau de change is Interchange.