Cycling around the steep island can be arduous, even for the healthiest individuals, so it isn’t a recommended way of getting around. There's no bicycle rental on the island.

Car & Motorcycle

Traffic is a major problem on St-Barth and public parking spaces are thin on the ground.

Roads are often very narrow and poorly paved; be mindful of cars coming in the opposite direction. Be aware, too, that driveways to many hotels and villas can be extraordinarily steep.

Driver’s License

A driver’s license from your home country is valid in St-Barth.


There are only two gas stations on the island, one in St-Jean (7:30am to noon and 2pm to 7pm Monday to Saturday) and one in Lorient (7:30am to 5pm Sunday to Wednesday and Friday; 7:30am to 2pm Thursday to Saturday).


All major car-rental companies have desks at the airport. Prices between December and April start at around €70 per day for a compact car, while low-season prices start at around €40.

Car-rental companies include the following:


Chez Beranger


Gumbs Rental

Soleil Caraibes

Scooter rental outlets include Barth’Loc, which also has ATV quad bikes, and Meca Moto, which also rents Harley-Davidson motorbikes.

Road Rules

Driving is on the right-hand side, and the speed limit is 45km/h, unless otherwise posted. Land tortoises have right of way on roads.


Hitchhiking is not common as there are few places for drivers to stop safely, and becomes substantially more difficult the closer you get to the far corners of the island. As always when hitchhiking, be cautious and obey your instincts.


Taxi fares range from pricey to outrageous, even for short distances. There are no set fares, so prices are all over the board. At minimum, it costs between €15 and €45 from Gustavia to the airport, and between €30 and €60 from Gustavia to Petit Cul-de-Sac. All prices then increase by about 50% between 8pm and 6am and all day on Sunday.

To book a taxi in Gustavia, call 0590-27-66-31; at the airport, call 0590-27-75-81. There are taxi stands in Gustavia. You can also contact drivers directly – a list of drivers and their phone numbers is available at the tourist office.