Food & Drink in St-Barthélemy

St-Barth Gourmet Festival

For five tasty days in early November, this festival celebrates the best in contemporary French cuisine by bringing in star chefs from the motherland to cook in island locales.

Cultural in St-Barthélemy

Festival of St Barthélemy

August 24, the feast day of the island’s patron saint and namesake, St Barthélemy, is celebrated with dance performances, a public ball, boat races and other competitions. Most events take place in Gustavia where...

Carnival in St-Barthélemy


Held for five days before Lent, St-Barth's carnival celebrations include a pageant, children's costume party, a pajama parade and street dancing. It all ends on Ash Wednesday with the burning of an effigy of...

Film in St-Barthélemy

St-Barth Film Festival

Going strong since 1996, the weeklong St-Barth Film Festival showcases Caribbean and international talent in film and documentary. Directors and actors are often in attendance. Screenings take place at venues...

Music in St-Barthélemy

St-Barth Music Festival

Churches and community halls are among the venues for St-Barth Music Festival that's been going strong since 1985 and features two weeks of jazz, chamber music, opera and ballet performances.

Sailing in St-Barthélemy

St-Barth Bucket Regatta

Since 1995, this three-day invitational annual race, which pits the world's most expensive and prestigious superyachts against each other, has been a highlight of St-Barth's social calendar.