Cultural in St-Barthélemy

Festival of St-Barth

August 24, the feast day of the island’s patron saint and namesake, Saint Barthélemy, is celebrated with fireworks, a public ball, boat races and other competitions. Most events take place in Gustavia.
Film in St-Barthélemy

St-Barth Film Festival

Going strong strong since 1996, the five-day St-Barth Film Festival showcases Caribbean talent in film and documentary. Screenings take place at venues around the island, including beaches.
Carnival in St-Barthélemy


Held for five days before Lent, St-Barth's carnival celebrations include a pageant, costumes and street dancing, and end with the burning of a King Carnival figure at Shell Beach.
Music in St-Barthélemy

St-Barth Music Festival

Beaches are among the venues for January's St-Barth Music Festival festival, which features two weeks of jazz, chamber music, opera and ballet performances.