Checking flights...


The commuter carrier Cinnamon Air links Colombo with Trinco once daily. Flights take one hour and fares start at Rs 40,000. The airport is a 12km drive west of town.


CTB and private bus departures all use the same bus terminal. Services include the following:

Anuradhapura Rs 200, four hours, six daily

Batticaloa Rs 200, four hours, every 30 minutes

Colombo regular Rs 450, seven hours, hourly

Colombo (air-con; book in advance) express/luxury Rs 600/950, six hours, six daily

Jaffna (via Vavuniya) Rs 320, seven hours, nine daily

Kandy Rs 250, 5½ hours, seven daily


There are two trains daily between Trincomalee and Colombo Fort, including a direct overnight sleeper service. Reserve at Trincomalee station. You can also travel to Polonnaruwa and Batticaloa via a change in Gal Oya.

Colombo sleeper 1st-/2nd-/3rd-class sleeper Rs 1250/550/350, eight hours; reserve at least one week ahead

Colombo unreserved (transfer in Gal Oya) 2nd/3rd class Rs 480/305, eight hours