Turtle Watch Rekawa

Tours in Tangalla & Around

Five species of turtles struggle ashore to lay their eggs on Rekawa Beach. Groups are led to nest sites to witness these beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, as groups are sometimes huge (up to 100 people; weekends are busiest), some nights the commotion can be deeply disturbing for the turtles. Until management of the project improves, it's difficult to recommend these tours wholeheartedly.

Turtles nest here all year round, but the main season is April to July. The rarest turtles to sight are the giant leatherbacks. The company uses certified guides and spotters; note that torches and flash photography are prohibited.

The turn-off for the visitor centre (which has good displays and from where tours start) is just past the 203km post on the highway; a three-wheeler from central Tangalla costs around Rs 550. Unlike the turtle hatcheries on the west coast of Sri Lanka the eggs here are left undisturbed in the sand and are protected in situ.