Cultural in Galle

Galle Literary Festival

A somewhat annual event this festival usually brings together renowned Asian and Western writers, although the schedule can vary depending on the mood of the volunteers.
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Galle Film Festival

A new event that promises great things is the Galle Film Festival. Showcasing the best of South Asian and Western fringe films, the festival takes place over the last few days of October and the first few of Novembe…
Art in Galle

Art Trail

As if Galle wasn’t enough of a work of art, the whole Fort area virtually becomes one giant artist’s easel during the Art Trail, a bi-annual event (the next one is due to be held in 2013) that takes place in April. …
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Kataragama Festival

In July and August, the predominantly Hindu Kataragama festival draws thousands of devotees who make the pilgrimage (The Long Walk to Kataragama) over a two-week period.