East of the AB16, the road to KKS, lies the vast Palali KKS Military Camp, one of Sri Lanka’s largest. This zone is also the site of Jaffna's Palali Airport. Between 1983 and 1993, the entire population (more than 25,000 families) was evicted from 58.5 sq km of prime agricultural land. Everything within the zone was either destroyed or converted for military use. Since the war, the SLA has been returning small tracts of lands back to their owners.

After a visit to Keerimalai Spring, consider heading west along the AB21 coastal road, which hugs a palm-fringed shoreline. There are no real sights this way, but the scenery is sublime, with a sparkling ocean offshore. The navy now occupies a lot of the coastal land in these parts, and is busy developing a couple of hotels for tourism. At the tiny settlement of Ponnalai, 16km from Keerimalai, you reach the causeway for the island of Karainagar.