Park in Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

The Sinharaja (Lion King) rainforests occupy a broad ridge at the heart of the island’s wet zone. The only way to get about the reserve is by foot, and excellent park rangers (at the park entrance) or freelance guid…
Buddhist Temple in Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Kolawenigama Temple

The Kolawenigama Temple, 6km southwest of Deniyaya, is of modest proportions, but has a unique structure that resembles Kandy’s Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. It was built by King Buwanekabahu VII in recognition …
Waterfall in Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Kiruwananaganga Falls

The impressive Kiruwananaganga Falls, some of the largest in Sri Lanka (60m high in stages and up to 60m wide during the height of the rainy season), are 5km east of Kotapola on the road towards Urubokka. There are …
Buddhist Site in Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Getabaruwa Raja Maha Viharaya

This superb early-17th-century rock temple is just west of Kotapola, 11km south of Deniyaya. There's a steep access road then steps up to the site, which has a seated gilded Buddha and a small stupa.