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Top Choice Museum in Sigiriya

Sigiriya Museum

This superb museum uses detailed and engaging displays and has a fine diorama of the site, providing an excellent overview and explaining Sigiriya's cultural importance beyond the obvious natural beauty.The theory t…
Archaeological Site in Sigiriya


Arts & Crafts in Sigiriya

Sigiriya Crafts Complex

Artisans and craftspeople, including wood carvers and sculptors, are based at this government-run crafts village about midway between Inamaluwa and Sigiriya.
Sri Lankan in Sigiriya


Cooking up a roti storm, this likeable shop-cum-restaurant serves up delicious, freshly cooked sweet and savoury roti bread by the roadside (and good meals too). Suck on a fresh coconut or slurp on a fruit shake and…
Gardens in Sigiriya

Royal Gardens

The lowest section inside the Sigiriya complex is a beautifully landscaped area dotted with water gardens, then as you approach the rock its foothills contain boulder gardens (home to numerous Buddhist shrines) and …
Art in Sigiriya


Halfway up the rock there’s an open-air spiral stairway leading up from the main route to a long, sheltered gallery in the sheer rock face.In this niche is a series of paintings of buxom, wasp-waisted women, popular…
Art in Sigiriya

Mirror Wall

Beyond the fresco gallery detour, the path clings to the sheer side of the rock and is protected on the outside by a 3m-high wall.This wall was coated with a smooth glaze upon which visitors felt impelled to note th…
Carvings in Sigiriya

Lion’s Paws

At the northern end of the rock, a narrow pathway emerges on to the large platform from which the site derives its name – Sigiriya means 'Lion Rock'. HCP Bell, the British archaeologist responsible for an enormous a…
Summit in Sigiriya


The spectacular terraced summit of the rock covers 1.6 hectares. This is thought to be the site chosen by King Kassapa for his fortified capital after he had assassinated his father. Today only the low foundations o…
Cave in Sigiriya

Cobra Hood Cave

This rocky projection earned its name because the overhang resembles a fully opened cobra’s hood. Generally you pass by this cave after descending the rock on your way to the south gate and the car park. Below the d…