Sri Lankan Rupee (Rs)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than Rs 6000

  • Simple guesthouse: Rs 2000–3500
  • Local rice and curry: Rs 150–350
  • Bus fares: under Rs 300 per day

Midrange: Rs 6000–20,000

  • Double room in a good place: Rs 3500–9000
  • Meals at hotel/restaurant: Rs 1000–3000
  • Hire bikes, ride trains and use a car and driver some days: average per day Rs 3000

Top end: More than Rs 20,000

  • Top-end hotel: Rs 9000 and up
  • Meals at top-end places: from Rs 3000
  • Daily use of car and driver: from Rs 9000


Unless you are shopping at a fixed-price shop, you must bargain. Generally, if someone quotes you a price, halve it. The seller will come down about halfway to your price, and the last price will be a little higher than half the original price. Try and keep a sense of perspective. Chances are you’re arguing over less than US$1.


The nearest bank branches are in Dambulla.

HNB The only ATM in Sigiriya.