Point Pedro attractions

Hindu Site in Point Pedro

Vallipura Aalvar Kovil

The much-revered Vallipura Aalvar Kovil is 5km south from central Point Pedro. Its gopuram is painted in an unusually restrained colour palette and the temple interior has some very pretty Krishnas. It’s famous for …
Lighthouse in Point Pedro

Point Pedro Lighthouse

Occupies a prominent spot with sweeping views at the east end of the spectacular VVT–Point Pedro Coast Rd. Although the lighthouse is fenced off and photos are forbidden, there is a nice beach right beside it where …
Historic Building in Point Pedro

Theru Moodi Madam

These mysterious and elaborately carved ruins of a gate over the road are thought to date to Dutch colonial times. It's about 100m east of the heart of Point Pedro.
Beach in Point Pedro

Munai Beach

Simply a very fine beach, not far east of the Point Pedro Lighthouse. It's often good for swimming when the water is calm.