Sri Lankan Rupee (Rs)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than Rs 6000

  • Simple guesthouse: Rs 2000–3500
  • Local rice and curry: Rs 150–350
  • Bus fares: under Rs 300 per day

Midrange: Rs 6000–20,000

  • Double room in a good place: Rs 3500–9000
  • Meals at hotel/restaurant: Rs 1000–3000
  • Hire bikes, ride trains and use a car and driver some days: average per day Rs 3000

Top end: More than Rs 20,000

  • Top-end hotel: Rs 9000 and up
  • Meals at top-end places: from Rs 3000
  • Daily use of car and driver: from Rs 9000


Unless you are shopping at a fixed-price shop, you must bargain. Generally, if someone quotes you a price, halve it. The seller will come down about halfway to your price, and the last price will be a little higher than half the original price. Try and keep a sense of perspective. Chances are you’re arguing over less than US$1.


There are a couple of ATMs along the main tourist strip, with most bank branches in the town proper.

Bank of Ceylon Changes cash in the centre of town.

HSBC One of several banks in a row that changes foreign currency and has a 24-hour ATM accepting foreign cards.