Spice Gardens

The A9 Hwy between Matale and Dambulla is famous for its spice gardens, with over 30 dotted along the road. All offer free tours of their gardens with an English-speaking guide who can explain the merits and health properties of herbs, spices and plants including cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, coffee, nutmeg, pepper, cardamom, aloe vera, iriweriya (tulsi) and the henna plant.

Most visitors enjoy the tours and find them educational, but at some point you will be guided towards the gift shop, where some of the prices asked for products can be eye-watering; be prepared for a medium to hard sell and accept it as the price of your free tour.

Euphoria Spice & Herbal Offers very detailed tours of its spice garden and has a shop selling all kinds of creams, potions and lotions that are said to help everything from sleeplessness to low sex drive. Staff are welcoming, there's a restaurant, and cooking demonstrations are also performed. Located 15km north of Matale on the road to Dambulla.

Heritage Spice & Herbs Garden With an attractive, shady garden, this spice specialist runs informative tours and has a cafe for snacks and drinks. Around 15km north of Matale.