Karaitivu attractions

Historic Site in Karaitivu

Fort Hammenhiel

A tiny islet in the bay is home to the pocket-sized Fort Hammenhiel, a small Portuguese-built bastion that passed on to the Dutch in the 1650s. The thick coral walls are over 4m high. Access to the fort is very diff…
Beach in Karaitivu

Casuarina Beach

An attractive stretch of sand with good swimming and, as the name indicates, a shoreline backed by mature casuarina trees. It's popular with folks from Jaffna on weekends and has a couple of food vendors for a bite …
Hindu Site in Karaitivu

Varatharaja Perumal Kovil

This temple is 1.1km north of the start of the Karaitivu causeway on the mainland. It's visible on the right as you start your crossing. There's a towering gopuram done up in polychromatic glory.