Books in Kandy

Buddhist Publication Society

The Buddhist Publication Society, on the lakeside 400m northeast of the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, is a nonprofit charity that distributes the Buddha’s teachings. Local scholars and monks occasionally give le…
Arts & Crafts in Kandy

Kandyan Art Association & Cultural Centre

Has a good selection of local lacquerware, brassware and other craft items in a colonial-era showroom covered in a patina of age. There are some craftspeople working on the spot. Prices are slightly inflated.
Books in Kandy

Cultural Triangle Office

Has a selection of books on the Ancient Cities for sale. Kandy, by Dr Anuradha Seneviratna, is an informative guide to the city’s heritage. Also available is The Cultural Triangle, published by Unesco and the Centra…
Clothes in Kandy

Odel Luv SL

T-shirts, tacky tourist goods and some good souvenirs: this shop under the arcades of the Queens Hotel has the lot.
Fashion & Accessories in Kandy


High-quality, fair-trade textiles, clothing and jewellery made of recycled paper and other materials.
Market in Kandy

Main Market

You can buy crafts in this colourful market.
Art in Kandy

Rangala House Gallery

The works of local and Colombo-based artists are displayed and sold here. It also sells a range of organic jams made in the hills surrounding Kandy.