Stadium in Kandy

Asgiriya Stadium

The modest Asgiriya Stadium, north of the town centre, hosts crowds of up to 10,000 cheering fans at international one-day and test matches. The compact stadium is reckoned to be one of the most attractive used for …
Dance in Kandy

Kandyan Art Association & Cultural Centre

This is the busiest dance-show venue and in high season it can be overwhelmingly crammed with tour groups. However, the auditorium makes it easier to take photographs here than at other venues. It’s on the northern …
Dance in Kandy

Kandy Lake Club

Located 300m up Sanghamitta Mawatha, this place has arguably the best costumes of any of the venues staging traditional Sri Lankan dance shows. The performances often concludes with a walking on burning coals finale…
Dance in Kandy

Mahanuwara YMBA

Southwest of the lake, the YMBA guesthouse is a low-key venue for Sri Lankan dance; the performances here are entertaining and the crowds somewhat thinner.
Booking Service in Kandy

Sri Lanka Cricket Office

International one-day and test match tickets are sold on the day of the match, or you can book grandstand seats up to a month in advance through this office at the stadium. Ticket prices depend on the popularity of …