Buddhist Temple in Hikkaduwa & Around

Seenigama Vihara

About 2km north of Hikkaduwa is the Seenigama Vihara, perched on its own island. It’s one of only two temples in the country where victims of theft can seek retribution. People who have been robbed visit the temple …
Museum in Hikkaduwa & Around

Tsunami Photo Museum

This ramshackle, private museum 3.5km north of Hikkaduwa tells the story through photographs and newspaper features of that dreadful day in 2004 when the Indian Ocean tsunami struck Hikkaduwa and Sri Lanka. Everythi…
Memorial in Hikkaduwa & Around

Tsunami Memorial

This small monument remembers the 35,000 people who lost their lives just in Sri Lanka during the 2004 tsunami and the hundreds of thousands of others whose lives were changed profoundly. It was around here that the…
Buddhist Monument in Hikkaduwa & Around

Tsunami Honganji Vihara

Right on the coast north of Hikkaduwa is this statue of a standing Buddha facing the waves with his hands in the abhaya mudra (Buddha pose conveying fearlessness and protection). The statue is a replica of Afghanist…
Museum in Hikkaduwa & Around

Tsunami Education Centre and Museum

This locally run centre focuses on tsunami education for locals, but also has some dramatic and harrowing photos of the 2004 tsunami, including some of dead bodies.
Mine in Hikkaduwa & Around

Moonstone Mines

Have you ever wondered where that pretty little moonstone on your finger actually comes from? Head inland 7km to Mitiyagoda and you can descend (not literally) into the mucky world of mining – 18th-century style! Mo…
Lake in Hikkaduwa & Around

Hikkaduwa Lake

Hikkaduwa Lake, with its monitor lizards and numerous birds, makes for a pleasant excursion away from the beach. Boat tours can sometimes be organised on the lake; ask around. The lakeside hotel Kalla Bongo offers k…
National Park in Hikkaduwa & Around

Hikkaduwa National Park

Hikkaduwa’s marine park stretches along the northern end of the beach and is an easy way to get a glimpse of some of Sri Lanka's undersea life. Snorkelling gear can be rented from places around the park ticket offic…
Buddhist Temple in Hikkaduwa & Around

Gangarama Maha Vihara

This interesting Buddhist temple has lots of popular educational paintings that are the work of one man over nearly a decade. The monks are happy to show you around.