Top things to do

Top Choice Historic Site in Galle

Flag Rock

Flag Rock, at the southernmost end of the Fort, was once a Portuguese bastion. Today it is easily the most popular place to catch a sunset. During daylight hours you may see daredevil locals leaping into the water f…
Top Choice Church in Galle

Dutch Reformed Church

Originally built in 1640, the present building dates from 1752 to 1755. Its floor is paved with gravestones from the old Dutch cemetery (the oldest dates from 1662); the friendly caretaker will tell you where remain…
Top Choice Historic Site in Galle

Old Gate

A beautifully carved British coat of arms tops the entrance to the Old Gate on the outer side. Inside, the letters VOC, standing for Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (Dutch East India Company), are inscribed in the …
Top Choice International in Galle


The large courtyard at this old spice warehouse is surrounded by deep colonnaded porches. It's a quiet and classy scene and the menu matches the mood. Elegant takes on local fare are joined by a changing lineup of d…
Top Choice Seafood in Galle

Elita Restaurant

Thirteen years of work as a chef in Belgium gave Krishantha Suranjith myriad skills in preparing seafood. His new two-level restaurant has great views out to the lighthouse and harbour and is a great place to sample…
Top Choice Cafe in Galle

Royal Dutch Cafe

Owner Fazal Badurdeen puts 'storyteller' right on his business card and he has a million of them. He also seems to have almost that many teas and coffees, from cinnamon to cardamom to ginger. There's a small menu of…
Top Choice Sri Lankan in Galle

Spoon's Cafe

Shamil Roshan Careem hails from one of the Fort's oldest families and he loves to cook. Lucky us! In his new and tiny cafe he serves up some superb curries; his takes on old family recipes. Save room for dessert as …
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Galle

Shoba Display Gallery

Beautiful lacework made right here. The shop teaches local women dying crafts and ensures them a fair price for their work. Even if you’re not buying, pop in to witness the process of making lace. Ask about the exce…
Top Choice Desserts in Galle

Dairy King

If no one is around at this window-front outlet attached to a house, ring a bell and soon one of the King's family will appear to offer you a choice of Galle's best ice cream. The passion fruit is simply divine.
Top Choice Cafe in Galle

Old Railway Cafe

Right across the small canal from the namesake station, this upstairs cafe has an enticing and changing menu of creative soups, salads and mains. Have some good coffee or juice with wonderful warm banana cake.