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Whales Watching in Dondra (Tangalle)

Point of Dondra is high density point whales and other cetacean due to the above factors. Year round people can spot the Blue Whales, Sperm, bryde, Fin whales commonly in around the Point of Dondra and Bottlenose and Spinner dolphins as well.Point of Dondra is a key point spotting whales in Southern coast. Most of Whales watching boats will be sailing to towards Dondra get the whale sightings. My Ceylon Adventures guaranteed over 90% of possibility of whale sightings in Dondra coast within a minimum duration than other locations.We introduced Dondra point for whales watching considering sustainability of whales protection in Southern Coast. Dondra is the best place spot whales freely and avoiding Other boats. Reporting Point and Operation Details • Reporting point is Dondra Fishery Harbour • Boarding at 7 a.m is the reporting time and 8 a.m. Boat will be leave the shore. • it is 3 - 4 hrs boat excursion Facilities of the Boat • Zoologist demonstrations (whales and other cetacean)  • Professional and Friendly Service Crew • Boat captain over 10 years experienced sailors and qualified with all technical skills. • Adequate life rings and 50 Life jackets in the boat. • All team members qualified with First aids, firefighting and life saving. • Fire extinguisher • Toilets, washroom and Kitchen with Cool box facilities • Video visuals and WI-FI facilities. • Insurance per person Rs 500.000 Service of the boat during the Whales Watching Excursion • In the morning valued customers welcome with hot tea and coffee with Biscuits at 7 a.m. • Action Breakfast on the boat (omelets, breads, Chicken sausages and 200 ml Fruit juice tetra pack) • Fruits (Pineapple and watermelon) • Unlimited water and chilled water • At the end Coconut drink.  

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