Top Choice Museum in Colombo

National Museum

A large 9th-century stone Buddha greets you with an enigmatic smile as you enter Sri Lanka’s premier cultural institution. In galleries dating back as far as 1877, you’ll encounter all manner of art, carvings and st…
Top Choice Historic Building in Colombo

Old City Hall

Dating to 1865, this municipal building from the British era is mostly empty today, save for some old trucks and municipal equipment on display in the ground-floor galleries. But let the attendants lead you up the v…
Top Choice Museum in Colombo

Dutch Period Museum

This unique museum was originally the 17th-century residence of the Dutch governor and has since been used as a Catholic seminary, a military hospital, a police station and a post office. The mansion contains a love…
Top Choice Park in Colombo

Viharamahadevi Park

Colombo’s biggest park was originally called Victoria Park but was renamed in the 1950s after the mother of King Dutugemunu. It’s notable for its superb flowering trees, which bloom in March, April and early May. El…
Top Choice Historic Building in Colombo

Old Dutch Hospital

Centrepiece of the ever-more vibrant Fort, this colonial-era complex dates back to the early 1600s. Lavishly restored, it is home to shops, cafes and restaurants run by some of Colombo’s best operators. Enjoy a paus…
Top Choice Park in Colombo

Galle Face Green

Immediately south of Fort is Galle Face Green, a long stretch of lawn facing the sea. It was originally cleared by the Dutch to give the cannons of Fort a clear line of fire. Today its broad lawns are a popular rend…
Top Choice Market in Colombo

Federation of Self Employees Market

Church in Colombo

St Anthony’s Church

One of the city’s most interesting shrines is St Anthony’s Church. Outside it looks like a typical Portuguese Catholic church, but inside the atmosphere is distinctly subcontinental. There are queues of devotees off…
Church in Colombo

Wolvendaal Church

The 1749 Wolvendaal Church is the most important Dutch building in Sri Lanka. When the church was built, this area was a wilderness beyond the city walls. The Europeans mistook the packs of roaming jackals for wolve…
Market in Colombo

Pettah Markets

The concentrated and manic commerce of Pettah is concentrated even further in its markets. The one not to miss is the Federation of Self Employees Market, which stretches along 5th Cross St and is a hive of househol…