Church in Badulla

St Mark’s Church

If you’re a history buff, take a look through St Mark’s Church and peruse the old headstones. Inside is a plaque commemorating the elephant hunter Major Rogers, who was killed by lightning.
Waterfall in Badulla

Dunhinda Falls

Five kilometres north of Badulla are the 63m-high Dunhinda Falls. The best time to see them is June and July, but they’re worth a visit at any time. From the entrance gate the falls are about 1.5km along a clearly d…
Hindu Temple in Badulla

Kataragama Devale

The main objects of veneration here are statues of the gods Kataragama, Saman and Vishnu. Uniquely, the devale was constructed in Kandyan style rather than South Indian Tamil style, with a long wooden shrine hall pa…
Buddhist Temple in Badulla

Muthiyagana Vihara

A large Buddhist complex that includes a whitewashed dagoba in spacious grounds in the southeast of town. During festivals the resident elephant may be paraded around.