Around Kandy attractions

Top Choice Gardens in Around Kandy

Peradeniya Botanic Gardens

These stunning gardens were once reserved exclusively for Kandyan royalty. Today, even commoners are allowed in to enjoy the most impressive and largest (60 hectares) botanic gardens in Sri Lanka.Highlights include …
Top Choice Buddhist in Around Kandy

Lankatilake Temple

This impressive 14th-century temple, mounted on a rocky bluff, is the most imposing in the region. It's divided into two halves – one half Buddhist and one half Hindu – and features a seated Buddha image, Kandy-peri…
Hindu Temple in Around Kandy

Embekka Devale

Dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Mahasen, this beautiful temple, with its finely carved wooden pillars depicting swans, eagles, wrestling men and dancing women, was constructed in the 14th century. The be…
Buddhist in Around Kandy

Gadaladeniya Temple

This Buddhist temple with a Hindu annex dates from the 14th century, and the main shrine room contains a stunningly beautiful, gilded seated Buddha. Built on a rocky outcrop and covered with small pools, the temple …
Cemetery in Around Kandy

Kandy War Cemetery

This small and beautifully melancholic cemetery is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It is the final resting place for those who died defending Sri Lanka during WWII.