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Minneriya National Park: Elephant Gathering Private Safari

Meet your driver/guide at your Polonnaruwa or Habarana hotel at 5:30am or 2:00pm for your 3-hour jeep safari tour of Minneriya National Park. Experience “The Gathering,” a name given to the elephants that assemble on the banks of the Minneriya Reservoir during the dry season. According to wildlife authorities, the Minneriya gathering is the largest grouping of wild Asian elephants at any given time. View the famous elephants as they graze on the grasses growing on the tank bed. Perhaps you’ll spot any of the park’s diverse wildlife, including leopards, sloth bears, deer, wild buffalo, wild pigs, grey langers, purple-faced leaf monkeys, porcupines, and assorted birds. At the end of the safari, head back to Polonnaruwa or Habarana. Depending on the location of your hotel, choose to visit photo stop at sunset of the Minneriya Tank and the standing big Buddha at Giritale.  When your tour is complete, your vehicle will return you to your hotel.

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Little Adam's Peak, Nine Arch Bridge Full-Day Private Trek

You will be met by an experienced hiking guide in Ella town at 7 am where you will be given a brief rundown of the hiking route. You will then be hiking up to Little Adams Peak. This mountain has an elevation of 1141 m above sea level, and gains its name from its similarity of shape to the famous Adam’s Peak, the fifth tallest mountain in Sri Lanka. The summit of the mountain has great panoramic views, especially in the morning when you will be hiking. After spending some time at the top you will be returning to the base. The entire climb up and down will take two hours. You will be able to have breakfast at the base of Little Adam’s Peak, once you come down. You can either choose to bring a packed breakfast or buy some of the delicious local food sold at the little cool spots available at the trail head. Alternatively, if you wish, you could choose to have breakfast at 98 Acres Resort, nearby. You will hike cross-country through some woods to reach the Nine Arches Bridge. This incredible historical viaduct built entirely from stone, bricks and cement (with no steel) was created in the British era of Sri Lanka. It spans a space of over 300 feet and has a height of approximately 100 feet. You will be able walk along the railroad passing over the bridge, and listen to your hiking guide explain the history and stories about Nine Arches. You can also get some excellent photographs and create some memories. Continuing on you will hike along the railroad till you reach the Demodara Railway Station. This station has a unique architectural design hailing from the British Colonial Era. The railway line loops back around to enter a tunnel running below the railway station. This spiral loop allows the trains to go through the same location twice. You will be finishing your hike at this interesting location, the Demodara Railway Station, at approximately 5 pm completing your tour.

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Private Tour: The Great Elephant Gathering Safari in Minneriya

You will begin your Great Elephant Gathering Safari at the entrance gates of Minneriya National Park at 2:30pm in the afternoon. If you are staying in a hotel within a 5km radius of the entrance gate of Minneriya, you will be receiving a complimentary pickup. Sri Lanka has a very high count of Asian elephants. It is believed that there are over 4000 elephants spread over many areas of the island, with over 2500 being in protected areas. The North Central Province has a fairly large concentration of the animals. Minneriya National Park, which is one of the main areas where elephants can be seen, was formed around the artificial reservoir created by King Mahasena in the third century AD. Over the ages, the area around the reservoir became a haven for wildlife and was later declared a wildlife sanctuary and national park. During the months from August to October the water levels of the reservoir goes down, allowing a fresh growth of plants to rise from the newly revealed ground. During this season elephants from the areas around Minneriya, such as Polonnaruwa, Trincomalee, Matale and Kaudulla, make their way to Minneriya National Park in order to feed on the fresh growth. This results in a large influx of elephants gathering on the banks of the reservoir. At the peak of the Great Elephant Gathering, it is believed that over 200 elephants gather at the same place, making it the largest gathering of Asian elephants in the world. You will be visiting the banks of the reservoir in a jeep, and watching from a safe distance. As the sun sinks in the sky, you will see the awe-striking sight of large numbers of huge elephants flowing in from all directions. You can watch from mere feet away as whole families of the mammals feed and play. Watch the giant pool party where large glistening bodies roll in the water, and spray it into the air. See the most incredible sight that you can never see anywhere else in the world. In addition to the elephants, other wildlife such as various species of deer, monkeys, the Sri Lankan sloth bear, crocodiles and many different species of birds can also be seen in Minneriya National Park. You will be finishing your safari at 5:30pm at the entrance gates. If you stay in a hotel within a 5km radius of the entrance gates you will be entitled to a complimentary drop off right at your hotel.

$70 Outdoor Activities

Private Guided Hike to Ella Rock

You will be starting your Ella Rock Hike Tour at Ella Town. You will be met here by an experienced local hiker at 6am. He will then lead you through the countryside to the track using the best routes. The track up to the peak is quite clear. Once you reach it, you will be hiking up the slopes of Ella Rock. Some of the things to see on the way would be the tea plantations with the pluckers heading to work and the beautiful countryside. Ensure that you take sufficient drinking water and some salt or lime, as leeches are quite proliferous in the area. Once you reach the peak you will be greeted by a steep drop that affords you with breathtaking views. With the sun rising higher, the distant hills and rolling green valleys below will be especially beautiful. So don’t forget to bring your camera. After spending some time up on the top of Ella Rock, you will be hiking back to Ella Town. The entire hike, up to the peak and back down, will take you approximately 3 hours. You will be completing your Ella Rock Hike Tour at 9am, just in time for you to have a hearty breakfast.

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Private Guided Hike to Kirigalpoththa Mountain via Horton Plains

You will be meeting up at the visitor center of the Horton Plains National Park at 6:30am. You will get a presentation with the necessary route and safety information. You will be starting your hike at 6:45am.You’ll be passing through Horton Plains National Park, a protected area in Pattipola which is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Sri Lanka. The park’s entrance fee is included in your hiking package. The Horton Plains National Park has a variety of mammals such as sambar, chevrotain, wild boar, fishing cat, purple-faced langurs and many others. As one of the Important Bird Areas of Sri Lanka it also has a large numbers of bird species, including some rare and endemic. If you are quiet enough you might get to see some of them. You will also pass through a section of the park with many springs, which mark the birth of some of the largest rivers of the country.After some time on the trail you will find yourself climbing up Kirigalpoththa. Standing at 2388m tall, it is the second tallest mountain in the country. It is also the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka, which the public are allowed to climb. The entire trek is approximately 7km long and takes about five to six hours to hike. The terrain and weather can be treacherous and cause difficulties, causing one in nine hiker fail in reaching the summit. You will have to pass through bogs, swamps and high undergrowth, and ford over rivers or cross slippery rock surfaces. Do not stray from the trail that your hiking guide leads you on.You will have a qualified first aid officer accompanying you. There will also be a backup vehicle for emergency transport following you as far as possible.You will have breaks every 1.5 km, allowing you to refresh yourself with an energy bar and water. You will be reaching the summit by 12:15pm to enjoy the panoramic views spread out like a feast for your eyes. After a photograph session you will be having a picnic lunch. The meal is part of your hiking package and will include a pasta such as spaghetti or macaroni, a boiled egg, fried sausages and tropical fruits. Once lunch is completed, you will be returning using the same trail that you used earlier. You will be leaving at 1:15pm. You will be able to return to the trail head by 5:30 pm, completing your hike. SKU: LK60070200

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Private Guided Railroad Hike to Horton Plains Borders

You will be starting your Railroad Hike at 7:30am from the Pattipola Railway Station. The station itself is special in that it is the highest railway station in Sri Lanka, lying 1891m above sea level. Your hiking guide will be giving you a brief description of the hike and route. He will explain the safety procedures as well. You will be leaving for your hike at 7:45am.The entire hike will be 14km long. You will be stopping for breaks every 1.5km to refresh yourselves with energy bars and water. You will have a qualified hiking guide and first aid professional in your team. There will also be an emergency transport vehicle following you. After hiking 3km along the railroads, you will be coming upon the ‘tunnel of importance’, Tunnel 18. Tunnel 18 is the third longest railway tunnel in Sri Lanka at 321.95 m. It is also highest from sea level, and the darkest as one end is quite narrow.However the special feature about the tunnel and its secret lies in its location. Tunnel 18 is perfectly placed to bridge the border between the wet zone and dry zone of Sri Lanka. This means that you enter the tunnel during comparatively dry and clear weather and exit the tunnel into mist and rain. In Sri Lanka, the only place this magical experience occurs is at Tunnel 18. The views from the tunnel mouths are also spectacular.After passing through Tunnel 18 you will be walking a few kilometers further along the railroad before reaching the Ohiya Railway Station. You will be getting there by approximately 1:00pm and will be having a picnic lunch at the station. Lunch will consist of spaghetti or macaroni, a boiled egg, fried sausages and tropical fruits.After lunch you will start your trek to Horton Plains National Park. You will be first climbing through the jungle for the first 2km. This part of the hike will be somewhat strenuous. After exiting the jungle you will be hiking through Ohiya area which lies next to Horton Plains National Park. The area sports some of the best scenic views in Sri Lanka. You will be stopping along the way for some evening refreshments, such as chocolate slabs, dates and etc.After the break and possibly a few photographs, you will be continuing on to Horton Plains National Park borders. You will reach your final destination at 5:00pm, completing your hike.SKU: LK60070500