Museum in Ambalangoda

Ariyapala Mask Museum

This museum, with its dioramas and explanations in English, gives an interesting insight into Sri Lankan masks and the meanings behind them. It also sells the booklet The Ambalangoda Mask Museum, a useful publicatio…
Buddhist Temple in Ambalangoda

Galigoda Shailathalaramaya Vihara

This peaceful Buddhist temple, 5km inland from Ambalangoda, sits on a hill surrounded by cinnamon plantations. The temple has a 35m-long sleeping Buddha statue (the largest in South Asia), approached via 208 steps o…
River in Ambalangoda

Madu Ganga

Between Ambalangoda and Iduruwa the muddy Madu Ganga dances around the coastline forming a complicated network of lagoons and off-shoots. It’s fantastic birding territory and in praise of this it’s been made into a …
Museum in Ambalangoda

Ariyapala Traditional Masks

Ariyapala Traditional Masks has a small ground-floor museum starring a life-sized statue of the last king and queen of Kandy and a shop selling quality pieces. It's across the road from the Ariyapala Mask Museum.