Top Choice Tapas in Zaragoza

Restaurante Méli Mélo

Typically, pintxos are Basque-style tapas presented on small slices of bread, but in Méli Mélo they are stacked up so high they look like mini-skyscrapers topped with creative arrangements of cured hams, breaded cod…
Churros in Zaragoza

Churrería la Fama

Zaragoza does the best churros (deep-fried ­doughnut-like snack) in the region and La Fama is the place to enjoy them dipped in a glass of thick hot chocolate.
Aragonese in Zaragoza

La Miguería

Who would have thought you could do so much with migas (fried breadcrumbs)… La Miguería serves this filling Aragonese quick-fix food in some 30 ways, including drenched in olive oil, topped with sardines and foie gr…
Contemporary Tapas in Zaragoza

Casa Pascualillo

The bar groans under the weight of its unique tapas like El Pascualillo, a 'small' bocadillo (filled roll) of jamón, oyster mushrooms and onion. Take your pick – like Zaragozans have been doing here since 1939. Ther…
Contemporary Tapas in Zaragoza

Casa Lac

The grand old lady of the Zaragoza dining scene, Casa Lac pays homage to the 19th century; it opened in 1825 and is reputedly the oldest licensed restaurant in Spain. The downstairs bar is dedicated to avant-garde t…
Raciones in Zaragoza

La Pilara

Ruby-red walls covered with art nouveau posters and photos of yesteryear, combined with mood lighting, innovative cuisine and an animated atmosphere make this one of the most popular spots in the Zaragoza's gastro-n…
Tapas in Zaragoza


Locals flock here for reputedly the best croquetas de jamón (ham croquettes) in town. Other popular mini bites include bola de bacalau (breadcrumbed cod), while more substantial tentacle-waving teasers include stewe…
Market in Zaragoza

Mercado Central

Experience the sights and smells of Zaragoza's historic Mercado Central. The art nouveau building dates from 1903, but there has been a market here since the Middle Ages. Some things never change; you can still buy …
Cafe in Zaragoza

La Clandestina Café

It’s hard to miss the huge pair of lips painted provocatively on the wall at La Clandestina, but this place is as much about gastronomy as head-turning art, particularly in the brunch and afternoon coffee-and-cake d…
Aragonese in Zaragoza

Los Xarmientos

Aragonese meat dishes are a speciality at this artfully designed restaurant. It styles itself as a parrilla, meaning the dishes are cooked on a barbecue-style grill. It’s a fine place to sample the local ternasco (l…