Zamora attractions

Cathedral in Zamora


Zamora's largely Romanesque cathedral features a square tower, an unusual, Byzantine-style dome surrounded by turrets, and the ornate Puerta del Obispo. The star attraction is the Museo Catedralicio, which features …
Museum in Zamora

Museo Etnográfico

This excellent museum is a window onto the cultural history of Castilla y León, with everything from artefacts from everyday life down through the ages to sections on local legends and fiestas. It also has a dynamic…
Museum in Zamora

Museo de Semana Santa

This museum will initiate you into the weird and wonderful rites of Easter, Spanish-style. It showcases the carved and painted pasos (figures) that are paraded around town during the colourful processions. The hoode…
Church in Zamora

Iglesia de la Magdalena

The southern doorway of this church, set along the main thoroughfare through the old town, is considered the city's finest for its preponderance of floral motifs. The interior has the austere simplicity so typical o…
Castle in Zamora


This fine, aesthetically restored castle of 11th-century origin is filled with local sculptures; you can also climb the tower and walk the ramparts. The surrounding park is a lovely place for a picnic.
Church in Zamora

Iglesia de San Juan de Puerta Nueva

Iglesia de San Juan de Puerta Nueva provides a lovely Romanesque centrepiece for the central Plaza Mayor. Right outside, there's a fine statue of hooded Semana Santa penitents.
Church in Zamora

Iglesia de Santa María La Nueva

This pretty church is actually a medieval replica of a 7th-century church destroyed by fire in 1158.
Church in Zamora

Iglesia de San Pedro y San Ildefonso

Besides its considerable Romanesque charm, the Iglesia de San Pedro y San Ildefonso has some Gothic touches – we prefer the simple beauty of the exterior to the dark and overly extravagant interior.