Villa de Mazo attractions

Top Choice Museum in Villa de Mazo

Museo Casa Roja

This handsome ochre-red mansion (built in 1911), located down one of the steep streets from the main road, has downstairs exhibits on Corpus Christi – a festival Villa de Mazo celebrates with particular gusto: stree…
Museum in Villa de Mazo

Cerámica el Molino

Well signposted from the town is this meticulously restored mill that houses a ceramics museum (including a short film) and workshop where artisans make attractive reproductions of brown Benahoare pottery; you can w…
Museum in Villa de Mazo

Escuela Insular de Artesanía

This former handicrafts school still has a weaving studio (which you can peek into), but otherwise has been transformed into a museum focusing on crafts and handicrafts on the island. There is a short multilingual f…
Church in Villa de Mazo

Templo de San Blas

Down a steep hill from the centre of town is this lovely whitewashed church dating from 1512, dedicated to Saint Blaise and overlooking the ocean. Inside the cool interior, the church boasts a baroque altarpiece (wr…
Market in Villa de Mazo


Produce, handicrafts and textiles are sold at this weekend market.