Vigo drinking and nightlife

Pub in Vigo

Cervexería Nós

This small and popular Old Town craft-beer pub has its own and international beers on tap, and further varieties in bottles. Their toasted 'Orixinal' is tasty.
Bar in Vigo

Black Ball

The real zona de marcha for the 20s crowd, from around midnight, is about 1km southeast of the Old Town in the Churruca district just above Praza do Portugal. This black-painted lounge bar with lots of kitsch decor,…
Bar in Vigo

Van Gogh Café

A Vigo nocturnal classic, Van Gogh is always busy by night with a completely mixed-ages crowd. The long main bar has a colourful array of well over 100 bottles to pour your drinks from.
Bar in Vigo

Oz Australian Wild Bar

With the obligatory Aussie koala and crocodile road signs, Oz is one Praza de Compostela bar that stays packed all night on weekends, with a mainly 20-to-35 crowd.
Bar in Vigo

Bar Princesa

A good way to start an evening is at one of the Old Town bars like rock-music den Bar Princesa on Praza da Constitución. It's open for breakfast too.
Bar in Vigo

20th Century Rock

A perennially popular, gaudily US-themed music bar, where decor includes an entire yellow taxi.
Wine Bar in Vigo

Buqué Enoteca

An inviting Old Town wine bar, with wine barrels for tables and shelves full of bottles.