¿Parles Catalá?

Escape Barcelona and the Costa Brava’s beaches and you’ll find that català (Catalan) is all around you: menus and street signs are in Catalan, and it’s often the only language spoken in villages. Written Catalan resembles both Spanish (Castilian) and French; its roots are in Latin and it’s an Occitano-Romance language, stemming from medieval Provençal. It's spoken by over 10 million people in Catalonia (both Spanish and French), the Balearics, Valencia (where it's called valenciano), Andorra (it's the national language) and Alghero in Sardinia. Having flourished in the 19th century, Catalan was severely suppressed under Franco, with books destroyed and the language banned from schools and public spaces, but since his death it has made a strong comeback and become an important focus of regional identity.