Top things to do in Valverde

Top Choice Canarian in Valverde

La Taberna de la Villa

Good, simple food, ranging from caracoles (snails) to mojo queso (Canarian spicy salsa cheese dip), pasta and meat dishes combined with a welcoming atmosphere and a warm ochre-washed interior have made this the most…
Top Choice Museum in Valverde

Casa de las Quinteras Centro Etnográfico

Exhibits about rural island life are displayed in several small stone houses, including a blacksmith's forge, traditional clothing, ceramics and some quaint oddities like an ancient gramophone made out of a block of…
Canarian in Valverde

El Secreto

Prepare yourself for head-spinning decor that combines a courtesan’s boudoir with 1950s memorabilia and kitsch bric-a- brac; no two tables match and an eclectic combination of chandeliers provide (slightly too much)…
Church in Valverde

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Concepción

The church is a simple three-nave structure built in 1767 and crowned by a bell tower with a railed-off upper level that serves as a lookout. Inside, it has a magnificent wooden coffered and vaulted ceiling. The pol…
Bistro in Valverde

La Mirada Profunda

At this stylish bistro you don’t have much of a say in what you eat, you just get to enjoy whatever the chef has prepared – soups, fresh fish and local fare with an international twist; like roasted duck with a cran…
Saint’s Festival in Valverde

Fiesta de la Virgen de la Concepción

The night before Valverde’s biggest festival is marked with fireworks and a lively town party, while the day itself (8 December) is devoted to religious celebrations, concerts and various cultural acts.
Bar in Valverde

Tasca El Chavelazo

Located across from the town hall, this basement cavernous bar is the most popular night-time spot in town (possibly the only one…), with moody lighting, thumping music and occasional live acts.
Saint’s Festival in Valverde

Fiesta de San Isidro Valverde

If you’re in Valverde on this day, be sure to get a look at the lucha canaria (Canarian wrestling) showcase in the afternoon.