Valverde in detail

Flights & getting there


From Valverde's bus station, at the southern end of town, TransHierro buses run to destinations across the island. Bus 3 serves Frontera (€1.20, 30 minutes, six daily); bus 6 Tamaduste (€1.20, 15 minutes, six daily); buses 3 and 5 El Mocanal (€1.20, 15 minutes, 11 or 12 daily); and bus 8 El Pinar (€1.20, 30 minutes, five to six daily). Bus 10 travels to/from the airport (€1.20, 15 minutes, five to six daily) and buses 7 and 11 to Puerto de la Estaca (€1.20, 15 minutes, five to seven daily), usually coinciding with flights and ferries.


Taxis charge €15 to/from the airport or port; there's a taxi stand in the town centre.