Valle Gran Rey in detail


Dolphin- & Whale-Watching

Local operators offer whale- and dolphin-watching boat trips (on which you might spot some of 23 species of cetaceans, including bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, sperm whales and rough-toothed dolphins), plus excursions to Los Órganos on the north coast. The best months for cetacean sightings are March to June, though chances are high year-round.


Valle Gran Rey is the starting point for an endless array of hiking routes, though most are quite challenging. The GR132 swings through town, linking Valle Gran Rey with Arure (7km, three hours) and Alojera (15km, six hours), while the popular official 3.5km Route 14 (1½ hours) heads into the Barranco de Arure to meet several waterfalls. There are also good walks up/down the valley to Las Hayas (7.5km, two to three hours) and El Cercado (7.5km, two to three hours).

Yoga & Meditation

Drop-in yoga (€5), meditation (€3) and Pilates (€5) are offered at Finca Argayall; check schedules online.