Valle Gran Rey attractions

Church in Valle Gran Rey

Ermita del Santo

At the top of the valley, in the village of Arure, this tiny stone chapel is built into the rock face, surrounded by a lookout showing off the southern landscape. It's signposted from Calle del Santo.
Beach in Valle Gran Rey

La Playa

Towards the northern end of town, the beach at La Playa is long, volcanic and sandy, with bars and a waterfront promenade. People gather here in the evenings to watch the sun sink into the ocean.
Natural Pool in Valle Gran Rey

Charco del Conde

A natural saltwater pool fringed by a grey-sand beach and tucked into the heart of Valle Gran Rey's seafront.
Beach in Valle Gran Rey

Playa de Vueltas

Right beside the port and its low-key bars, Vueltas' soft black-sand strand is the most wind-sheltered of the town beaches and usually busy with sun-soakers, yogis and families. The water here is as calm and current…
Viewpoint in Valle Gran Rey

Mirador del Palmarejo

About 9.5km inland and up the valley, the César Manrique–designed Palmarejo lookout enjoys incredible views across Valle Gran Rey’s gorge, its sea of palms and the mountains looming behind.
Beach in Valle Gran Rey

Playa del Inglés

Hemmed in by sky-reaching cliffs at the north end of town, this dramatic volcanic-sand beach sits within a nature reserve and has an alternative, nudist scene.
Church in Valle Gran Rey

Ermita de San Antonio

Around 6km northeast of Valle Gran Rey proper, the highlight of this modern roadside chapel is the view from the plaza outside.