Train Station in Western Valencia

Valencia Joaquín Sorolla

Valencia's main train station; temporary but likely to be around for a good while yet. All fast-train departures leave from here. There's car rental, a tourist office and left luggage, among other facilities.
Bus Station in Northern & Eastern Valencia

Bus Station

One of metropolitan Spain's worst bus stations. Don't bother ringing for timetables. There are lockers (€3 to €4) available. As well as domestic services, there are various international lines, mostly to Eastern Eur…
Scooter Hire in North Ciutat Vella


Rents out Vespas with street cred to explore the town. They come in 125cc or 300cc models and can be delivered to your hotel. It also offers a guided day tour riding them.
Scooter Hire in North Ciutat Vella


Offers scooter rental with several delivery points. It's cheaper outside of summer. You'll need ID, driving licence and a €150 deposit or credit card.
Bicycle Hire in North Ciutat Vella

Do You Bike

Helpful service. It also has a couple of other offices in town. It's cheaper midweek.
Bicycle Hire in South Ciutat Vella

Solution Bike

Reliable bike hire. Will do hotel pick-ups and drop-offs for an extra charge.
Train Station in Valencia's Beaches


This station is on cercanía lines C6 and C5.
Taxi in Valencia

Tele Taxi Valencia

Taxi in Valencia

Radio-Taxi Valencia

Train Station in Western Valencia

Valencia San Isidro/Sant Isidre