A popular local drink, Agua de Valencia couldn’t be further from water, mixing cava (sparkling wine), orange juice, gin and vodka.


Russafa has the best bar scene, with a huge range of everything from family-friendly cultural cafes to quirky bars, and also a couple of big clubs. The Barrio del Carmen is also famous nightlife territory: on weekends, Calle de Caballeros, the main street, seethes with punters. The university area, especially around Avenidas de Aragón and Blasco Ibáñez, has enough bars and discotecas to keep you busy all night. In summer the port area and Malvarrosa beach leap to life.

Sampling Horchata

A summer delight across Spain, horchata (orxata), a Valencian speciality, is an opaque sugary drink made from pressed chufas (tiger nuts: despite the name, it's a small tuber), into which you dip a large finger-shaped bun called – no sniggering – a fartón. A traditional place to sample horchata in the heart of town is Horchatería de Santa Catalina, while the Mercado de Colón has several choices. Head out on a tour with Horta Viva if you want to understand more about chufas and the horchata-making process.