Euro (€)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €120

  • Dorm bed: €13–28
  • Double room in a budget hotel: €40–65
  • Lunchtime set menu: €10–18
  • Bus ticket: €1.50

Midrange: €120–200

  • Double room in a three-star hotel: €70–120
  • Dinner in midrange restaurant: €35–55
  • Short taxi trip: €5–10

Top end: More than €200

  • Degustation menu in gastronomic restaurant: €40–90
  • Double room in an upmarket hotel: €120–200


Haggling over prices is accepted in some markets, and shops may offer a small discount if you’re spending a lot of money. Otherwise expect to pay the stated price.


ATMs are widespread. Cards are widely accepted, but cheaper restaurants may not do so and cafes and bars often will not.


  • Bars Locals very rarely tip, though you may leave a coin or two for table service.
  • Hotels Not customary to tip, though a euro or two for carrying bags is appreciated.
  • Restaurants Not obligatory by any means. Round up or tip up to 5%; 10% is considered very generous.
  • Taxis Not expected but many locals will round up to the next euro.