Tordesillas attractions

Convent in Tordesillas

Real Convento de Santa Clara

Still home to a few Franciscan nuns living in near-total isolation, this Mudéjar-style convent dates from 1340, when it was begun as a palace for Alfonso XI. In 1494, the Treaty of Tordesillas was signed here. A 50-…
Museum in Tordesillas

Museo del Tratado de Tordesillas

Dedicated to the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas, which divided the world into Spanish and Portuguese spheres of influence, the informative displays in this museum look at the world as it was before and after the treaty,…
Square in Tordesillas

Plaza Mayor

The heart of town is formed by the pretty porticoed and cobbled Plaza Mayor, its mustard-yellow paintwork offset by dark-brown woodwork and black grilles.
Museum in Tordesillas

Exposición Permanente de Maquetas

This small display of scale models includes Leon's Gaudí–designed Casa de Botines. It's adjacent to the Museo del Tratado de Tordesillas.