Top Choice Cathedral in Toledo


Toledo‘s illustrious main church ranks among the top 10 cathedrals in Spain. An impressive example of medieval Gothic architecture, its humongous interior is full of the classic characteristics of the style, rose wi…
Top Choice Fortress in Toledo


At the highest point in the city looms the foreboding Alcázar. Rebuilt under Franco, it has been reopened as a vast military museum. The usual displays of uniforms and medals are here, but the best part is the exhau…
Top Choice Synagogue in Toledo

Sinagoga del Tránsito

This magnificent synagogue was built in 1355 by special permission from Pedro I. The synagogue now houses the Museo Sefardí. The vast main prayer hall has been expertly restored and the Mudéjar decoration and intric…
Museum in Toledo

Museo de Santa Cruz

It's hard to imagine that this 16th-century building was once a hospital. If only modern hospitals were equipped with the kind of ornate plateresque portico that welcomes you to this beautiful arts and ceramics muse…
Museum in Toledo

Museo del Greco

In the early 20th century, an aristocrat bought what he thought was El Greco's house and did a meritorious job of returning it to period style. He was wrong – El Greco never lived here – but the museum remains. As w…
Museum in Toledo

Museo Sefardí

Hosted in the magnificent Sinagoga del Tránsito, this museum provides a rare and importance glance into erstwhile Sephardic culture in Spain. Entry is included in price of synagogue admission.
Monastery in Toledo

Monasterio San Juan de los Reyes

This imposing 15th-century Franciscan monastery and church was provocatively founded in the heart of the Jewish quarter by the Catholic monarchs Isabel and Fernando to demonstrate the supremacy of their faith. The r…
Museum in Toledo

Museo de los Concilios y la Cultura Visigoda

Sometimes dismissively called the ‘Invisigoths’ due to their foggy medieval legacy, the Visigoths inhabit a little-known chapter of Spanish history sandwiched in between the Romans and Moors. Information about them …
Museum in Toledo

Hospital de Tavera

Erstwhile hospital, textbook example of Spanish-renaissance architecture, veritable art gallery and glowing homage to El Greco, the Tavera is an amalgamation of many attractions all handily protected under one roof.…
Convent in Toledo

Convento de Santo Domingo El Antiguo

This wonderfully disheveled 11th-century monastery contains one El Greco's earliest Toledo works: The Assumption of the Virgin (1679), which fills a gold-fringed altarpiece set against white walls, helped establish …