Top Choice Museum in Antigua

Museo del Queso Majorero

This new museum is one of the island's best, with lots of interactive displays including a 'virtual milking' activity! Kids will enjoy all the touch-button exhibits with information on the island's flora and fauna, …
Museum in Betancuria

Casa Santa María

This place is unabashedly tourist-orientated but still worth visiting. The German owner, Reiner Loos, bought the original rambling building in the 1990s and spent several years collecting traditional handicrafts and…
Church in Betancuria

Iglesia de Santa María

This church dates from 1620 and has a magnificent stone floor, wooden ceiling and elaborate baroque altar. Don’t miss the sacristy with its display of vestments, altar ware and carved wooden ceiling in shades of gol…
Museum in Around Antigua

Centro de Interpretación de Las Ermitas de Fuerteventura

This small information centre has information on various chapels around the island. The main reason to visit though is to join one of the free guided walks around the town, taking in the beautifuly adorned Ermita de…
Museum in Around Antigua

Los Molinos Centro de Interpretación

This fully functioning windmill has a small information centre with all the information about windmills you could possibly want to know; there’s a free guide in English. When we visited, the mill was lacking a mill…
Museum in Betancuria

Museo Arqueológico de Betancuria

Archaeology buffs should check out this modest but interesting museum. It concentrates on the indigenous Guanche tribes and includes a skeleton that was found in a local tomb and is thought to be between 600 and 100…
Viewpoint in Around Betancuria

Mirador de Morro Velosa

This viewpoint offers mesmerising views across the island’s weird, disconsolate moonscape. You can stop at the bar located here, with its large picture windows and exhibition space for subjects related to the landsc…
Museum in Caleta de Fuste & Around

Museo de la Sal

Just south of Caleta, this museum has audiovisual displays that explain the history of salt and demonstrate how it is extracted from the sea. It's perched on the ocean right next to the still-operational salt pans.
Church in Antigua

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Antigua

One of the island’s oldest churches, built on the site of a 16th-century chapel. Set in a pleasant square, the most interesting feature is the pretty pink-and-green painted altar.
Archaeological Site in Pozo Negro

Poblado de La Atalayita

A pre-Hispanic settlement with a small information centre. The centre was closed when we visited, but it's worth the short dirt road detour to have a look if you're hereabouts.