Tenerife in detail

Getting Around

TITSA runs an efficient spider’s web of bus services all over the island, as well as within Santa Cruz and other towns. Bus line 343 (€9.70) links Tenerife Norte Airport with Tenerife Sur Airport.

Car-hire agencies are plentiful and you shouldn’t have a problem getting a vehicle, even if you want same-day rental. International chains are present in all major resort areas and the airports.

You can take a taxi anywhere on the island – but it is an expensive way to get around. You are much better off hiring a car.

Ten Travel Card

If you’ll be travelling a lot by public transport then it is worth investing in a plastic Ten+ Travel Card (www.titsa.com), which can be used on all bus routes (except on Teide and Teno lines) and offers 30% off the trip fare. The travel card costs €2, with top-ups from a minimum of €5 to a maximum of €100, available at bus stations, tram-station vending machines and some newspaper kiosks. Swipe your card when you board and swipe off as you disembark (if you don't swipe your card when you get off you will be charged for the entire route). The same card can be used by several users.