Top Choice Cathedral in Tarragona

Catedral de Tarragona

Sitting grandly atop town, Tarragona’s cathedral has both Romanesque and Gothic features, as typified by the main facade. The cloister has Gothic vaulting and Romanesque carved capitals, one of which shows rats cond…
Top Choice Museum in Tarragona

Museu Nacional Arqueològic de Tarragona

This excellent museum does justice to the cultural and material wealth of Roman Tarraco. The mosaic collection traces the changing trends – from simple black-and-white designs to complex full-colour creations; a hig…
Ruins in Tarragona

Amfiteatre Romà

Near the beach is this well-preserved amphitheatre, where gladiators hacked away at each other, or wild animals. In its arena are the remains of 6th- and 12th-century churches built to commemorate the martyrdom of t…
Ruins in Tarragona

Museu d'Història de Tarragona

The Museu d'Història de Tarragona consists of various separate Unesco World Heritage Roman sites, as well as some other historic buildings around town: Forùm Provincial Pretori i Circ Romans, Amfiteatre Romà, Passei…
Walls in Tarragona

Passeig Arqueològic Muralles

A peaceful walk takes you around part of the perimeter of the old town between two lines of city walls. The inner ones are mainly Roman and date back to the 3rd century BC, while the outer ones were put up by the Br…
Bridge in Tarragona

Aqüeducte de les Ferreres

This aqueduct sits in a tangle of dusty pathways and glades 4km north of central Tarragona, just off the AP7 freeway (near where it intersects with the N240). It is a fine stretch of two-tiered aqueduct (217m long a…
Ruins in Tarragona

Museu i Necròpolis Paleocristians

This vast Roman-Christian city of the dead on the western edge of town consists of over 2000 elaborate tombs. It was used from the 3rd century AD onwards, thus attesting to Rome’s conversion to Christianity. The mus…
Ruins in Tarragona

Fòrum de la Colònia

For a time-hopping view of Roman archways framing modern tower blocks, visit Tarragona's main provincial forum, which once occupied most of what is now the old town. You'll see the foundations of former tabernae (sh…
Ruins in Tarragona

Forùm Provincial Pretori i Circ Romans

This sizeable complex with two separate entrances includes part of the vaults of the Roman circus, where chariot races were once held, as well as the Pretori tower on Plaça de Rei and part of the provincial forum, t…
Beach in Tarragona

Platja del Miracle

The town beach, Platja del Miracle, is reasonably clean but can get terribly crowded.