Tarifa attractions

Top Choice Beach in Tarifa

Punta Paloma

One of Andalucía's most fabulous beaches, Punta Paloma, 10km northwest of Tarifa, is famous for its huge blond sand dune. At its far western end, you can lather yourself up in a natural mud bath.
Top Choice Beach in Tarifa

Playa de Valdevaqueros

Sprawling between 7km and 10km northwest of Tarifa, to the great white dune at Punta Paloma, Valdevaqueros is one of Tarifa's most popular kitesurfing beaches, blessed with dusty alabaster-hued sand and aqua waters.
Castle in Tarifa

Castillo de Guzmán

Though built in 960 on the orders of Cordoban caliph Abd ar-Rahman III, this restored fortress is named after Reconquista hero Guzmán El Bueno. In 1294, when threatened with the death of his captured son unless he s…
Viewpoint in Tarifa


This lookout with a tower atop part of the castle walls delivers spectacular views across Tarifa's rooftops and to Africa and 851m Jebel Musa, one of the so-called 'Pillars of Hercules' (Gibraltar is the other).
Beach in Tarifa

Playa de los Lances

This broad snow-white sandy beach stretches for 7km northwest from Tarifa. The low dunes behind it are a paraje natural (protected natural area); you can hike across them on the 1.5km Sendero de los Lances, signpost…
Beach in Tarifa

Playa Chica

On the isthmus leading out to Isla de las Palomas at the southernmost tip of Tarifa town, tiny Playa Chica is more sheltered than other local beaches.
Church in Tarifa

Iglesia de San Mateo

Wind your way through the narrow streets of the old town to Tarifa's main, mostly 16th-century church, with a soaring neoclassical facade.
Gate in Tarifa

Puerta de Jerez

Guarding the entrance to the old town, the fortified Mudéjar Puerta de Jerez was built after the Reconquista.
Museum in Tarifa

Centro de Interpretación de Cetáceos

At this portside visitors centre, learn all about striped and bottlenose dolphins, long-finned pilot whales, orcas (killer whales), sperm whales, endangered fin whales and misleadingly named common dolphins, all of …
Church in Tarifa

Iglesia de San Francisco de Asís

Originally constructed in the 16th century, this whitewashed, tucked-away church now flaunts a mix of baroque and neoclassical styles, having been torn down and almost entirely rebuilt in the 18th century.