Tarazona attractions

Top Choice Cathedral in Tarazona

Catedral Santa María de la Huerta

This magnificent cathedral dates from the 13th century but was much modified in later centuries. It reopened in 2011 after 30 years of restoration work (still ongoing), which has uncovered previously hidden treasure…
Palace in Tarazona

Palacio Episcopal

On the site of a Muslim citadel and, subsequently, the residence of several Aragonese kings, the imposing Bishop's Palace was completed in the mid-16th century after well over a century of construction.
Architecture in Tarazona


The town hall’s 16th-century facade is a storybook of sculpture. The larger carvings depict mythical beings (you’ll spot Hercules on the left). Running along the full 35m length is a frieze of hundreds of miniature …
Area in Tarazona


Tarazona has one of Spain’s best preserved Jewish quarters, overlooked by the casas colgadas (hanging houses) of Calle Conde, which jut out over the streets below. While there are no monuments to visit as such, you …
Church in Tarazona

Iglesia de la Magdalena

Although dwarfed in size and importance by the cathedral, the Magdalena, with its emblematic Mudéjar tower, is Tarazona’s most distinctive and oldest church. Should it be open, the multicoloured altarpiece is worth …