Top things to do in Southwest Galicia

Top Choice Hill in A Guarda

Monte de Santa Trega

A Guarda's unique draw is the beautiful Monte de Santa Trega, whose 341m summit is a 4km drive or 2km uphill walk (the PRG122) from town. On the way up, stop to poke around the partly restored Iron Age Castro de San…
Top Choice Cathedral in Tui

Catedral de Santa Maria

The highlight of the Old Town is the fortress-like Catedral de Santa Maria, which reigns over Praza de San Fernando. Begun in the 12th century, it reflects a stoic Romanesque style in most of its construction, altho…
Fortress in Baiona

Fortaleza de Monterreal

You can’t miss the pine-covered promontory Monte Boi, dominated by the walls of the Fortaleza de Monterreal. The fortress was erected between the 11th and 17th centuries and its impregnable 3km circle of walls still…
Galician in Tui

La Pizarra del Silabario

This gastrobar is worth the half-kilometre walk from the Old Town for its finely prepared dishes. It's good with fish and shellfish but also does steaks, spicy chicken piri piri and some inventive burgers. Plenty of…
Galician in Baiona

Taberna Mendoza

A cut above most other harbour-facing eateries, the Mendoza offers both an informal bar area serving raciones and tapas and a stone-walled sit-down restaurant, all with efficient service and picture windows. Maritim…
Cafe in Tui

Ideas Peregrinas

A bright and pleasant cafe run by the same people as the hostel upstairs, Ideas Peregrinas offers quite a contrast to the usual restaurant and bar fare hereabouts, with fresh juices, organic coffee, good breakfasts,…
Seafood in A Guarda

Casa Chupa Ovos

It's up a flight of steps from the harbourfront street Rúa do Porto, and it doesn't have a sea view, but Chupa Ovos is a deservedly firm favourite with locals and visitors alike for its perfectly prepared fresh seaf…
Park in Tui

Parque Natural Monte Aloia

This 746-sq-km protected area covers the forest-clothed hill Monte Aloia (631m) which has several panoramic viewpoints and well-marked, not-too-demanding walking trails (one of them a 3.5km loop taking in the castro…
Fort in A Guarda

Castelo de Santa Cruz

This fort with four arrowhead-shaped corner bastions makes an interesting visit in the town. It was built to defend A Guarda against the Portuguese in the 17th century.
Museum in Baiona

Replica of the Pinta

A replica of one of Columbus' ships, the Pinta, sits moored in Baiona's harbour as a reminder of the town's big moment in history when the real Pinta called in here in 1493. A small museum inside includes mannequins…