Southern La Gomera attractions

Natural Feature in Alajeró & Around

Drago de Agalán

The island’s oldest drago (dragon tree) rests in a palm-sprinkled valley, 2km north of Alajeró. Take the signposted road 300m west (downhill) from the Imada junction on the CV13, which leads to an old farmhouse; fro…
Church in El Cercado

Ermita de Guará

Dedicated to the island's patron saint, the Virgen de Guadalupe, this tiny white 1960s chapel perches on a spectacularly scenic crag 6km southwest of El Cercado, engulfed in sweeping panoramas across the Barranco de…
Museum in El Cercado

Centro de Interpretación Las Loceras

El Cercado's small but fascinating earthenware museum explores the history of the island's pottery tradition through multilingual panels and collections of local pieces. Vessels were traditionally made by women from…
Viewpoint in Southern La Gomera

Mirador Roque de Agando

Views sprawl across to Tenerife and the 1250m-high volcanic rock 'needle' Roque de Agando (the most impressive in the Canaries) from this sensational lookout, from where you can hike down to Playa Santiago (12.4km, …
Beach in Playa Santiago

Playas de Tapahuga, del Medio and de Chinguarime

This trio of secluded hippy-hangout beaches, with sparkling volcanic sand mixed in among the pebbles, extends around 1km to 3km northeast of the landmark Hotel Jardín Tecina (follow signposts), and is known for bein…
Church in Valle Gran Rey

Ermita del Santo

At the top of the valley, in the village of Arure, this tiny stone chapel is built into the rock face, surrounded by a lookout showing off the southern landscape. It's signposted from Calle del Santo.
Beach in Valle Gran Rey

La Playa

Towards the northern end of town, the beach at La Playa is long, volcanic and sandy, with bars and a waterfront promenade. People gather here in the evenings to watch the sun sink into the ocean.
Beach in Playa Santiago

Playa Santiago

A pretty, rocky black-gravel beach fronts the town, its southern end sheltered by a jetty and perfect for a dip.
Natural Pool in Valle Gran Rey

Charco del Conde

A natural saltwater pool fringed by a grey-sand beach and tucked into the heart of Valle Gran Rey's seafront.
Beach in Valle Gran Rey

Playa de Vueltas

Right beside the port and its low-key bars, Vueltas' soft black-sand strand is the most wind-sheltered of the town beaches and usually busy with sun-soakers, yogis and families. The water here is as calm and current…